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We help ATL employees find their best way to work.

AERO is the the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport transportation planning program.

About AERO

AERO is the City of Atlanta’s commute planning program for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. We give employers the resources and knowledge necessary to best support their employees’ commutes.

We provide benefits like free transit passes, free rides home in emergencies, transit incentives, and other exclusive transportation services—all tailored to your business’s needs.

With our services, we help all employees—from flight attendants to concessions cashiers to upper-level management—find the best ways to get to work.
With the stress of their commutes reduced, employees’ can come to work on-time, relaxed, and ready to do their jobs. As a result, employers benefit from more productive employees and lower turnover.

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Meet the Team

Emily Haar, Program Manager

Emily is passionate about creating and delivering the
commuting solutions that your busy workforce needs. She works with Hartsfield-Jackson management, local Community Improvement Districts, and additional
transportation stakeholders to advocate for the best opportunities for Hartsfield employers and their employees. Emily understands that the needs of airport employees are unique and works to meet those needs so your staff can stay focused on the passengers.

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