For employers we offer:

  • Green reporting numbers to include within corporate sustainability reports
  • Assistance establishing pretax transportation payroll deductions that provide added tax benefits to the company
  • Access to various commuter services, employee discounts and subsidies
  • Educational programs on the benefits of carpooling, vanpooling and mass transit
  • Innovative campaigns to engage employees
  • Alternative work arrangement consulting
  • Added benefits to improve employee morale and retention
  • Onboarding/new hire communications

For employees we offer:

  • Personalized commute planning
  • Transit route planning
  • Carpool and vanpool partner matching
  • Cash incentive programs
  • Guaranteed Ride Home program
  • Informative lunch and learn sessions
  • Local meet and greets to connect potential rideshare partners


AERO’s mission is to help each airport employee find the best way to get to and from work so that they arrive on time, relaxed, and ready to serve at the world’s busiest airport. To help employees save money, get to work stress-free and to improve air quality, we promote and encourage the use of commute alternatives such as carpooling, vanpooling, taking transit, and biking.



We begin by building partnerships with airport employers and by working closely with them to tailor commuter programs that meet the needs of every type of airport employee – from flight attendants to concessions cashiers to upper level management. We provide free one-on-one consultations to provide trip planning assistance for your employees. Our staff members create customized commute plans that show the best transportation alternatives from home to work. We offer and design custom commute marketing for your staff, such as ‘Lunch and Learns’, break room displays, exciting and informative events and more. Reach out to us at info@joinAERO.com to take advantage of our free programs and services.



With the help of our employer partners, we empower employees and employers to track their personal and collective environmental impacts, so they can see how their daily commute adds up over time to keep pollution out of the air here in Georgia. Additionally, employees can see how much money they save over time. Finally, our incentive programs can boost employee morale; we give away $25 gift cards every month to one in ten people who tell us they have taken an alternative commute to work.


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