Always count on AERO

It goes without saying that the collapse of I-85 severely impacts

your commute for the foreseeable future. During this time

(and all the time for that matter), you can count on AERO to

provide you with excellent services and up-to-date information

to help get you to work at ATL.

I-85 Support

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Carpool for a Life in the Fast(er) Lanes
There are a ton of reasons to carpool.

  1. It is further to drive to a MARTA station than it is to drive to work.
  2. HOV lanes can get you into some super sweet fast lanes.
  3. You can do your part to get the region moving again.
  4. Free breakfast. Let’s face it—free food makes everything better.
  5. Detours just aren’t in your vocabulary and you need someone else to take the wheel and listen to that crazy Waze voice.

Whatever the reason, it’s good to consider sharing the ride. Find someone with a similar schedule, who lives nearby and works at ATL by checking out this database of over 50k Atlanta commuters who want to share the ride.

If you use Lyft or Uber in your personal life, it might be something to revisit for your commuter life. Lyft Line and Uberpool- these are the carpool version of the two-popular ride-sharing services. You share a ride—and the fare—with another person who happens to be requesting a ride along a similar route at the same time. + For a limited time Lyft is offering 50% off fares to MARTA!


Uber is offering a 50% discount on uberPOOL rides that begin or end at a MARTA station and a 25% discount on uberPOOL rides in metro Atlanta so you won’t need to worry about finding parking at MARTA parking lots. Learn more here.


Be Informed. Stay Informed.
As details emerge and change, one the best things ASAP+ can do is keep you informed with the latest and greatest information to keep you moving. Stay in touch with current updates by following the AERO’s Facebook page.

MARTA Trains are ATL’s BFF

MARTA goes straight to the airport. How convenient is that!? There’s even a handy tip guide to help you get started riding to and from ATL.

How to Ride: If you haven’t taken the train or maybe it’s been a while since your last ride, then you likely have a few questions. That’s where AERO comes in with answers. The best place to start is to read this great article for first time riders. After you’ve read that, feel free to ask our our friendly staff any questions you may have.

Parking at MARTA stations: As ridership grows, the availability of excess parking at stations may dwindle. We want your first ride to be stress-free so plan ahead and where possible get dropped-off, Uber, Lyft or carpool to your station. MARTA now has a great page showing parking lot status, bookmark this page!

You can also find park and ride lots using Curbed’s interactive map.

For the latest MARTA, follow them on Twitter.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has the latest updates on the demolition and reconstruction of the I-85 bridge. Head to GDOT’s website to view press videos about the progress, a detailed detour map, and announcements and alerts.

Cycling even just some of the time can help alleviate your own stress and overall congestion on Atlanta’s roadways. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has put together a great collection of resources and info to help you cycle. 

GDOT's Closure Map

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