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3 Insider Options for the Cheapest ATL Airport Employee Parking (And How to Cut That Cost in Half)

Let’s face it…

Atlanta airport employee parking is hard.

The Atlanta airport is the busiest airport in the world and as a result, finding convenient employee parking can be a major hassle. 

On top of that, the cost of parking adds up very quickly, which means less and less for employee paychecks. After all, who really wants to work an hour each day just to pay for parking?

To put that cost into perspective, off-airport parking can start at $8 a day, while passenger parking at the airport can be as high as $36 a day. 

All of this information makes you wonder…

Are there any airport employee parking options that don’t cost an arm and a leg?

Fortunately the answer is yes, and we’ve compiled those options here for you.

Keep reading to discover the cheapest parking options available to Atlanta airport employees.

2 Cheapest Daily Parking Options for Atlanta Airport Employees

More often than not, the cheapest parking options involve shuttle services while you park off-site. Here are two options to consider based on our research:

Elite Airport Parking starts at $8.00 a day (with online prepay booking). Their shuttle to the airport takes between 9 – 18 minutes, depending on traffic. They also have a frequent parking rewards program. For every 7 days paid, you get 1 free day.

The Parking Spot 2 offers parking that can be as low as $9.50 a day if you create an account with them (this saves you their $5.95 daily booking fee… which you for sure want to avoid paying). Creating an account will also allow you to earn points for parking and redeem those points for parking discounts. Their shuttle to the airport takes between 9 – 18 minutes, depending on traffic. 

Keep in mind, these are the most affordable options we were able to find at the time of this writing (October 2022). We recommend always checking for updated rates, discounts, and promotions when applicable.

For more information, you can check out our complete summary of all airport employee parking options, including pricing and rewards program details for 12 possible airport employee parking locations. 

How Atlanta Airport Employees Are Cutting Their Parking Costs in Half

Some of this info may seem obvious but bare with us as you may uncover some sweet new ideas.

Let’s explore the benefits of simply sharing a ride.

This is also occasionally referred to as carpooling and is different from ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft. It means sharing the ride to work with one or more other airport employees (that live near you and work a similar schedule). 

Here’s one new way to look at idea of sharing a ride: you could even park directly at the airport and still save on costs. For example, you could utilize the airport’s Economy Parking with direct airport access for $7.00 per person per day, which is cheaper than most off-site lots. 

The real benefit of this idea is it would eliminate the need to take a parking shuttle, saving you 20-60 minutes of extra time every day!

Already know coworkers that live in the same general area? That’s your best start. But if you don’t know anybody to share a ride with…

Aero is here to simplify this process using our community of airport workers that are also looking for people to share a ride to work.


Joe J. likes taking MARTA to work, but changes to his work schedule can make it difficult to catch the train consistently. He was looking another way to get to work on the days he can’t take MARTA, and ultimately reached out to us for help.

We connected Joe with a carpool for the days when he can’t take MARTA to work, so now he has peace of mind when his work schedule changes. “Aero helped me find different ways to get home when I didn’t have any. They’re good people, and I’m glad I can rely on them when if I need commute assistance.”

With Aero, you have the ability to share a ride to work, cut your parking costs, and even get paid $150 just for trying this out.

It’s completely free because Aero is a program of the ATL Airport Community Improvement Districts.

Free Parking Options for Atlanta Airport Employees

MARTA’s combined bus and rail service has been a staple to the community as a whole, as well as a great economic driver for the City of Atlanta. 

For decades, the MARTA’s train to the airport has been a great option for those needing a reliable way to get to work. 

Here’s the big news: parking at MARTA train stations is free! 

The College Park, East Point, Lakewood, and Oakland City stations all have free parking and are only within a few stops of the Atlanta airport. 

For MARTA parking rates, availability, and detailed routes, check out MARTA’s options on their website, where you can view the Atlanta airport MARTA train map.

That is just one great secret to using MARTA like a boss. For more of these, we assembled 7 insider secrets ATL employees know that make using MARTA a breeze

Are There More Ways to Crush Your Trip to Work at the Airport?

This article covered three options for the cheapest airport parking.

Everything you could ever want to know about the best ways to get to work as an ATL airport employee is contained in Aero’s Ultimate Insider’s Guide. 

You can always return there to find all our best content. 

Find Your Most Relaxing and Rewarding Trip to Work with Aero

At Aero, we know that you want to be relaxed and confident when you’re getting to the airport for work. In order to do that, you need a reliable and affordable way to get to work.

The problem is the trip to the airport is a pain in the %#$… it’s expensive, slow, and uncertain, which makes you feel stressed.

We believe all Atlanta residents should be able to access the great jobs at the airport. 

We know how hard it is to navigate all the airport chaos, which is why we created a simple 5-step plan to help people find the best way to get to work. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get your 5-step plan.
  2. Review the steps, which come to you as text or email messages (you pick which one)… one per day for five days.
  3. Celebrate knowing every trip to work is relaxing and rewarding. 

Aero is a program of the ATL Airport Community Improvement Districts.

So, get your 5-step plan today so you can stop wasting money and worrying about getting to work on time and instead arrive at work every day with that confident smile that shows the world you are crushing your trip to work. 

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