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How To Get to the ATL Airport by Bus if You Live South of the Airport

Most folks in Atlanta know the MARTA train goes right to the ATL airport. That’s great if you live north of the airport. 

What’s more surprising to Atlanta airport employees is how many MARTA bus routes start at residential areas south of the airport.

Buses Connecting Southside Neighborhoods to the ATL Airport

Let’s take a look at the routes going to areas south of the airport. Most of these are MARTA bus routes from Fulton County and Clayton County to the Atlanta airport.

ATL Airport Bus

Do you live in Palmetto, Fairburn, Union City, Riverdale, Forest Park, Lake City, Morrow, or Jonesboro? These and other areas of Clayton County and Fulton County are connected to the ATL airport by MARTA buses.

Of these routes, only MARTA bus route 191 goes directly to the Atlanta airport. It goes to the International Terminal (employees there can find the MARTA route 191 bus schedule here). 

The other routes shown on the map connect to the MARTA train stations just north of the airport. If you take these, all you have to do is hop a MARTA train for 1-2 stops and you will be right at the Domestic Terminal. 

  • MARTA bus routes that connect to College Park: 82, 89, 180, 188, 189, 172, 195, 196
  • MARTA bus routes that connect at East Point: 181, 192, 193

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