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Forget Uber! Here’s How to Share a Ride to Your Job at the ATL Airport (for a Fraction of the Cost)

Some days, your commute to the Atlanta airport can be hard. And expensive.

Other days, your once reliable ride to work may be unavailable, your car may end up in the shop, or you may need to work a shift that starts or ends when MARTA isn’t running. That’s when things get really difficult.

Ridesharing services like Uber are a decent option for getting to work, but let’s face it…

Uber is getting expensive these days. 

In fact, average Uber prices rose 92 percent between 2018 and 2021!

What if instead you could catch a ride with someone else that works at the airport, lives near you, and works the same shifts as you?

With over 65,000 people working at the ATL airport, that has to be a lot of people, right? Many of them would be more than happy to split the vehicle, gas, and parking costs with someone. 

But how do you find someone to rideshare to your job at the Atlanta airport?

Luckily, Aero (the airport’s employee transportation team) provides all Atlanta airport employees with access to a free app where you can find other airport employees going your way each day.

So how does it work?

How to Share a Ride with an Atlanta Airport Coworker

The process is simple! Here’s all you need in just a few steps:

  1. Sign-up or log-in to a My Georgia Commute Options account
    – Or get the GA Commute App
    1. Get it here on the App Store 
    2. Get it here on Google Play
  2. Search for rides (see more below)

And remember, the GA Commute App is provided by Atlanta’s regional government, so it is always free and safe to use.

Find Atlanta Airport Coworkers to Rideshare

To search for other airport employees that have the same commute to work as you, use the Rides tab at the bottom of the app, as shown in this image.

When you find a good fit, contact that person and you both can determine if it makes sense to share a ride to work. 

Check out this video showing what the process of searching for a ride looks like in the app. 

Find Rides Map

Please note that if you don’t find a good ride right away, Aero is actively working to get even more airport employees to utilize this system. A lot of new users are joining daily. 

Help spread the word with your coworkers to make this service even better!

Earn Rewards Just for Commuting to Work

Did we mention there are lots of rewards for Aero Insiders that are using the GA Commute App to carpool to work at the Atlanta airport?

Check out this summary of how ATL airport employees are earning points, redeeming these for Insider discounts, and gaining access to up to 4 free Uber rides home per year (in case of emergencies). 

Do you have a coworker who drives to work now and is always looking for their next side hustle? Feel free to share our blog that explains how airport employees can turn their trip to work into their new side hustle

Are There More Ways to Crush Your Trip to Work at the Airport?

This article explained how Atlanta airport employees can save money on Uber and Lyft by carpooling, sharing a ride, or ridesharing to work.

Everything you could ever want to know about the best ways to get to work as an ATL airport employee is contained in Aero’s Ultimate Insider’s Guide. 

You can always return there to find all our best content.

Find Your Most Relaxing and Rewarding Trip to Work with Aero

At Aero, we know that you want to be relaxed and confident when you’re getting to the airport for work. In order to do that, you need a reliable and affordable way to get to work.

The problem is the trip to the airport is a pain in the %#$… it’s expensive, slow, and uncertain, which makes you feel stressed.

We believe all Atlanta residents should be able to access the great jobs at the airport. 

We know how hard it is to navigate all the airport chaos, which is why we created a simple 5-step plan to help people find the best way to get to work. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get your 5-step plan.
  2. Review the steps, which come to you as text or email messages (you pick which one)… one per day for five days.
  3. Celebrate knowing every trip to work is relaxing and rewarding. 

Aero is a program of the ATL Airport Community Improvement Districts.

So, get your 5-step plan today so you can stop wasting money and worrying about getting to work on time and instead arrive at work every day with that confident smile that shows the world you are crushing your trip to work. 

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